FREIGHTER TAILS: the Misadentures of Mzzkiti
by Gibbs & Redfern



Get yo' ass outa' here!

NAME: Atahbi Mzzkiti

GENDER: Female

SEX: Usually only at “That time of the year.”

AGE: 25 Earth years (but only admits to 21.)

SPECIES: Moggian


RANK: Lieutenant

POSITION: Officially, Ship’s Operations Specialist. Unofficially, nursemaid to Pharsicle’s temperamental computer. She is the only one who knows that the computer is inhabited by a childish and petulant A.I. 

PREVIOUS POSITION: SPF Battleship Brutal Intention. “Invited” to transfer after spiking Captain Buck Strong’s coffee with Habanero sauce. “Well, he was always complaining that it wasn’t hot enough!” Learned at that point never to download practical joke ideas from the Galaxi-net.

PSYCHOLOGY: The runt of her litter, Mzzkiti compensated for her small size with brains and a quick wit. Extremely intelligent (often too much so for her own good) and somewhat mischievous (ditto.) Having accepted assignment to Pharsicle, she is convinced she has found the place where Space Protectorate officers careers goes to die. Her quirky sense of humor usually staves off feelings of despair, however. She is a wry and frequently bemused oberver of the insanity surrounding her.

GOALS: To make it through her time aboard Pharsicle in one piece; to keep Droulin Phahnboi’s hands off of her, and to prevent Commander Jack Niyph from revealing an embarrassing incident from their mutual past. 

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